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WB Marketplace is a visually driven, searchable platform that will provide significant value to women-owned businesses, corporations and women-owned businesses across the southern
region of the US and beyond. This platform is in line with the current trend of business’ need for effective digital content to elevate their unique offerings.

Women-owned businesses will now have a new business development tool focused on effectively telling their story directly to procurement representatives, potential partners and consumers. We understand that channeling opportunities to women-owned businesses is crucial for these businesses to survive and thrive. We are confident you will find that WB Marketplace provides a one-of-a-kind tool for buyers to search for women-owned products and services to fulfill their ever-evolving needs.


In an ever-changing world of marketing solutions, WB Marketplace places you with a tool that we are confident will impress the most discerning buyer, partner or potential customer. Include your Brojure on your website, link to it in your social media, share it over coffee via your mobile device or easily email that potential customer with just a few simple clicks - the possibilities are endless.

We’ve got the building blocks ready for you, now it’s your turn to bring your business to life!

How will you engage, connect and win?

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WB Marketplace provides a fresh and dynamic way to grow your business in 4 quick steps:

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